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I'm here to guide you in discovering a mindful way of eating and a deeper connection to your body.

MINDFUL - A complete mind-body program

MINDFUL is a 12 week online program blending mindfulness, yoga and nutrition to help those looking to improve their relationship with food and overall eating habits. This non-diet approach allows you to better understand your body and make food choices based on your personal needs. MINDFUL IS completely online and in a flexible format to fit your lifestyle. Throughout this amazing journey you will learn more about yourself, your habits and thoughts around food to make real sustainable changes for your well-being.

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  • Learn my 4 pillars to eating well without food rules

  • Discover mindfulness & a breathing technique to connect with your body

  • Learn the basics of mindful movement

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"Rachel was so helpful in transforming my relationship with food. I had tried meal plans and realized it was just another diet giving me more anxiety about what I was eating. Rachel helped me learn to trust myself and now I enjoy food without regret. I eat even more balanced than when I was following a meal plan! Now I look forward to meals and I'm able to cut myself some slack for not being "perfect"

She also helped me find my love for exercise again. I didn't realize I had been working out in ways that I actually didn't enjoy. No wonder I was unmotivated! She helped me explore my curiosity for movement without worrying about weight loss. Now I exercise almost every day and I love it. I also don't feel bad for taking a day off of exercise. Without guilt, I'm able to listen to my body. I now exercise more than when I was on my high school soccer team. 

Anyways I can't really thank Rachel enough. Her nonjudgemental approach really helped me heal." 


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