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Becoming a Mindful & Intuitive Eater

Before making any sort of change, we first have to inquire and become aware of our current habits. Self-awareness in the physical, mental, and emotional sense is essential in making lifestyle changes and maintaining them by listening to your body and your needs. To be an intuitive eater, simply refers to eating for physical needs and also for satisfaction, without the feeling of guilt. My main goal as a dietitian is to help you find a healthy relationship with food without food rules or strict guidelines. While we'll certainly discuss food and meal ideas, I do not provide structured meal plans. Check out my blog post for more on why :) 
Where does mindfulness come in? Concepts of mindfulness can allow us to feel more present, aware, and connected. Mindfulness can be practiced within movement, by connecting with the breath, as well as when eating! Through mindfulness we can become more intuitive with our eating. 
When we eat intuitively we feel confident in:
  • Choosing meals that allow us to feel satisfied
  • Knowing when to eat
  • Knowing when to stop eating
  • Choosing foods that nourish us appropriately
  • Eating intentionally
  • Eating with full attention

The Process

It's important to know that working on eating and living more mindfully and eating more intuitively is a practice. It takes time and progress isn't linear. It's being open to constant reassessment and reflection on your goals, challenges and successes. 
I created my online program, MINDFUL, to provide a sense of structure, to incorporate specific mindfulness practices to learn to feel into the body, as well as journaling prompts and challenges to promote self inquiry. 
Individual consults look different for everyone. The discussion is individualized based on your needs, history, and current barriers. I'll ask various questions to understand your lifestyle, schedule, barriers, and relationship with food. Together, we'll create goals for you to focus on between each session.
Clients have access to the 'Healthie' app which we use to keep in touch, schedule, chat, and track meals. 
Food journaling is used but not to track calories or nutrient intake. Through the journaling app you'll be able to reflect on how hungry or full you were pre/post meal, reflect on your mood, or how the meal/snack made you feel. 
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