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10 Nutrition & Wellness Tips as a Dietitian, coach, yoga teacher, and fellow human.

  1. Who and what you surround yourself with is crucial to your well-being. The people around you, your social media feeds, the podcasts you listen to, the shows you watch, the books you read. Be aware of what sort of environment you create for yourself through these things and how it’s impacting you.

  2. When it comes to any healthy routines, aim to have a flexible routine. Have a consistent rhythm to your days but avoid being overly rigid or unable to adapt to the ebbs and flows of your day, week or month.

  3. WATER is the key to life! Ok there’s a lot of important keys to life. Really though, make sure you are staying hydrated! Just as we want to avoid getting overly hungry to the point of feeling starving and wanting to eat everything in sight, we also want to avoid getting to a point of dehydration followed by chugging water. Drink to thirst throughout the day.

  4. Focus on your behaviors and routines over weight and results. Over focus on weight will drive you CRAZY and is what can make us vulnerable to quick-fixes that aren’t really rooted in true health.

  5. Eat mindfully and un-plugged as often as you can.

  6. Aim to move every day. Yep. Even if it’s nothing intense, even if it’s just stretching. Move in some way, for any amount of time EVERY day that you can.

  7. Don’t forget to include fats in your meals! Just about everyone can benefit from this. Most people actually struggle to get in enough healthy fats and omega 3s. Add pumpkin or sunflower seeds to salads and bowls, have avocado with your breakfast, use olive oil when making pasta instead of just red sauce….pay attention to how often you’re consuming these foods and see how you can add them in!

  8. Support local and sustainable food sources when you can. This helps support local farmers, these food sources are also generally more nutrient dense and it’s good for the earth :)

  9. Fun foods and meals should be…..FUN. They should not be eaten with shame, guilt, secrecy, or to rebel against yourself.

  10. Everyone benefits from having some sort of mindfulness practice.

Hope these were helpful to you! Let me know which of these really resonated with you. If you're not already - follow me on instagram for more and sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date!

Be well,



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