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A letter for you

Dear YOU,

Even though we've likely had very different paths and I don't know your exact story, I understand the struggle you may be facing with food, movement and just balancing it all. You are intelligent, a hard worker, and you truly want to find a way to live that feels good physically, mentally and emotionally.

It probably feels impossible to escape the fad diets and cleanses....and each time you've tried a new one, you think this is IT. You seem to make progress for a bit, but a few months in you feel lost on how to keep it up when life gets busy, or there's an event, a holiday...etc. You convince yourself YOU are the problem. Once again, you try looking for a way that is reasonable, but it feels impossible to make sense of all the information out there. Some days you think making these changes seems so simple, to the point that you get angry with yourself, yet taking action seems so complicated! I see you. I know how confusing and frustrating it is. I also know without a shred of doubt, that there is another way. Eating well doesn’t have to be this complicated. Nutrition is also not separate from all other aspects of our health and well-being. It’s intimately connected with how we live, how we view ourselves, how we sleep, how we socialize, our work, how we manage stress, our community, even where we live in the world. There is a way to find peace with food. Or in other words: there is a way to stop the internal battle between you, your thoughts, and how you eat. There is a point you can reach where fueling your body well becomes natural. You don't have to obsess nor stress about food. You can enjoy balanced nourishing meals and fun treats equally. You can actually crave movement and mindful activities. This also means allowing your body to lead you. Not only trusting our body with hunger, fullness and what to eat, but also allowing your body to decide it's size and weight. Accepting yourself as you are now and being curious about what a healthy body might mean for you is an essential piece to the process. Learning to accept oursleves as we are can be REALLY tough. If you do though, it actually opens up more doors for change.

You can live a balanced life. I believe in you! I want this for you as badly as YOU want it. So let's do it! Trust the process. Trust in food. Trust in your body.

All the best,



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