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Meet your Dietitian: Rachel Cirino MS, RD, LD

Hello! I'm Rachel Cirino, owner of Green Bee. I’m a Registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Ohio, Certified Yoga Instructor and Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. 

A little on my background- I have Master’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both from Kent State University. I completed my dietetic internship in Pittsburgh, PA and after moving back to Cleveland I began working as a public health Dietitian in 2014. I eventually transitioned into the “wellness” arena doing health coaching for a hospital system then started Green Bee Nutrition & Wellness in 2017.

I focus on mindfulness as a way of learning to eat and move intuitively without rules, plans or diets.  I believe living well requires constant self assessment to understand our needs and finding more presence is a way to achieve that self awareness.


My goal is to provide clients with tools to connect fully with the body. The methods  of mindfulness and intuitive eating can help us with internally listening to our body and balancing the external relationship to food. I strive to give clients the tools and encouragement to feel strong, nourished and WELL.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I am not quite sure what I would do without yoga. It's my favorite way to stay active. It both energizes and calms me and it always teaches me something new.

  • I have a daughter named Joni who is so smiley and makes me laugh every day!

  • I'm not much of a recipe person - I will use them for inspiration but like making things up on my own

  • I LOVE breakfast food.

  • My husband Vince and I have known each other since we were 13.

  • I originally planned to go to school for Photojournalism, but eventually became more interested in learning about all things human! Hence the psychology and nutrition degrees.

  • I enjoy gardening, although these days I struggle more to find the time to tend to it as much as I'd like. It's usually full of weeds ;) but I love being able to pick out fresh peppers or tomatoes for dinner. 

​Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working with you.


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