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7 Food Brands I LOVE

Having plenty of meal and snack ideas that are also satisfying, simple, and quick to make can pose some real challenges. So I thought I'd share some of my current go-to brands and products! None of these are sponsored, simply brands I love and use myself at the moment. I included links for each so you can check them out.

I first saw this brand on Shark Tank Years ago and for awhile you could only buy it at Target. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand. These products are in most big grocery stores now, although the options may be different. We have always loved the Kodiak Cake Flapjack and Waffle Mix for weekend mornings. We usually get the Whole Wheat, Oat, and Honey. These are 100% whole grain and very easy to make, for every 1 Cup of mix you just add 1 Cup of water....that's it.

They also now carry a variety of frozen waffles, that are the perfect quick, morning breakfast. The Buttermilk & Vanilla Thick and Fluffy waffles are...amazing. Their flapjacks and waffle products are so hearty and delicious. An absolute staple for us.

These corn tortillas are perfect taco size for an easy dinner. They are 100% whole grain and use yellow or white corn. They are thicker than other tortillas you'll get from the store and taste amazing! Tacos are almost a weekly go-to meal for us so these make life much easier.

There are days that boiling water for grains just is not going to happen. Nor does it have to because there's a TON of frozen options. You can even buy plain frozen rice or quinoa without any other ingredients added if you want to make something from scratch.

These frozen quinoa blends taste great and can be paired with some veggies and proteins in all sorts of ways to make some quick and nourishing week-night meals.

This is for any of you who are looking for a plant-based alternative to yogurt. This yogurt is probably the best tasting non-dairy yogurt I've tried. It's made with Pili nuts which are grown in volcanic soil, and are supposed to have a "buttery taste". These yogurts still provide probiotics and doesn't use added sugars.

For those days you want something satisfying and flavorful but you don't have the energy to do too much or you're short on ideas, these boxed sprouted rice mixes are perfect. The toasted coconut and vegetable fried rice are both very good! You can always use less of the seasoning mix for less sodium or depending on your taste preference. This box makes about 3 cups of rice as well!

Made from the nectar of coconut flowers, this sauce is savory and sweet. This sauce generally has less sodium per serving than a standard soy sauce. The best part is, a little goes a long way, so you don't need much to make your dish taste amazing. You can use with a little broth or even mix in some nut-butter as it cooks for a creamier rice or noodle dish. I've only tried the Original seasoning sauce & marinade.

THIS. I am a HUGE fan of all popcorn. I've always loved snacking on it. While I do love a simple popcorn with a little sea salt or oil for my usual snack, this popcorn is an amazing way to change it up. The parmesan and rosemary is my go-to. It is much more expensive than your typical air-popped popcorn as well so it's more of a treat. Quinn, uses ingredients from various farmers across the U.S that use regenerative farming practices, so an added bonus! This basically means it's more sustainable for the farmers and the earth, and more nutritious products for us.

The flavors are all amazing and unlike most microwave popcorns, YOU add on the oil and seasonings. They also use a "Pure Pop" bag without any plastics or chemicals in the lining of the bag.

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